Bright Product Overview

Intelligent and easy-to-use technologies that
keep the performance at peak.

With the right technologies and tools, every heterogeneous network is able to continuously perform at peak and with low latencies, providing a reliable, predictable, and more profitable workflow.

We are specialized in developing those unique technologies and tools – and that's all we do.

All our products are designed to enhance and maintain high performance and low latencies in the long run - and yet to reduce maintenance effort.

It's not magic. It's science.

BrightDrive Low-latency SAN Server

BrightDrive is much more than a standard IT file server or a MDC.

Designed and engineered to fulfill essential needs in your daily business:

- Low latencies and peak performance – over time.
- More uptime - and no unplanned downtime, ever.
- Flawless and smooth collaboration - always.
- Less maintenance effort - and no defragmentation tasks.

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BrightClip SA Advanced Recording Technology

Our patented and patend pending software technology BrightClip® for proper file recording is a field-proven solution to overcome performance loss over time. BrightClip ensures optimal file layout on every metadata controller and storage subsystems.

BrightClip is an inherent part of our BrightDrive Low-latency SAN Servers but is also available as a stand-alone software solution for every MDC.
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Bright File Management - designed for media.

Manage your media files - as media files.

Learn how file management tools with specialized capabilities like sequence-awareness, bandwidth-throttling, and compatibility with various platforms make your life easier, faster, and more efficient. And even help preventing file fragmentation and randomization - during every data wrangling task.

Instead of standard IT file managers such as Windows Explorer or MAC OS X Finder, use a file manager that understands the relationship of these files as groups and clips.
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Professional Services for Media

Bright Technologies' Professional Services is a dedicated department for solving all kinds of issues around your network - independently of the purchase of Bright products. Our special task force, composed of the technically most qualified staff you can find, is specialized in all matters regarding infrastructure and workflow specifically in the media and entertainment business.

Experience. On-demand.
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