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BrightDrive Product Refresh for 2016

Reno, NV, July 27, 2016, Bright Technologies, Inc., developer of advanced technologies for low-latency high-performance media environments, has announced the launch of the new BrightDrive GEN5 product line. The new GEN5 products incorporate an all-flash architecture for metadata intensive workflows, BrightClip Advanced Recording Technology for zero-stutter playback, and universal client support.


BrightDrive Procyon

BrightDrive Procyon GEN5 packs a powerful punch from a compact 2U footprint. The high-availability server cluster utilizes integrated connectivity, eliminating the need for external metadata raids and reducing cable clutter. Procyon features support for 10 separate SAN file systems, dedicated metadata mirrors for each filesystem, CIFS/NFS sharing, easy administration and smart monitoring as well as built-in diagnostic tools and self-healing features to maximize your productivity.



BrightDrive Triton

BrightDrive Triton GEN5, our simple and intelligent 1U metadata controller is loaded with incredible value. The appliance supports up to 5 file systems, features dedicated metadata mirrors for each SAN filesystem, CIFS/NFS sharing and is an attractively priced solution for StorNext 5.x environments.


BrightDrive Astella


BrightDrive Astella GEN5 combines the data storage, the meta-data server and intelligence of BrightClip all in one convenient appliance. Fibre Channel and Ethernet connectivity is included and 3rd-party applications such as Archiware P5, FlavourSys Strawberry, and Elemental Server are supported. The Astella is compatible with all leading file-based media applications and file formats, making it easy to integrate with existing workflows.



BrightRAID Avior

BrightRAID Avior GEN5, a storage-only 2U (12 bay) or 4U (24 bay or 36 bay) solution, connects up to 8x16Gb/s FC with capacity from 24TB to 360TB. Direct-attach to your workstation or install with Procyon or Triton for shared storage. The user-friendly storage management and monitoring interface makes both integration and maintenance fast and easy and significantly simplifies daily routines in a storage environment. 


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