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HA Server in a mere 2 rack units

BrightDrive Procyon [ PRO-see-on ]; Bright’s high availability solution features some of the most outstanding technological innovations available today.

- Designed to function as a fully redundant, fault-tolerant, always-ON system

- Kiss downtime goodbye with hot-swappable nodes for all active components

- Reduces complexity with ingenious, built-in metadata

- Save on power and cooling with Titanium level redundant power supplies

- BrightClip® Advanced Recording Technology enabled

- Comprehensive GUI’s for administration and monitoring

- Right-size your solution and pay only for the file system licenses that you need right now

Tech Specs

Server Chassis 2U server enclosure with rack mount kit, dual FRU power supplies/fan assemblies, 12GBit SAS midplane, 48GB RAM per node, dual eight-core Intel® Xeon® processors
Metadata Chassis Embedded
RAID Specs Software RAID 1 mirrors
Drive Support 24 x 2.5-inch SAS HDD or SSD
File Systems Supports up to 10 file systems (8 x online / 2 x nearline)
Operating System Linux
Supported Client OS Windows, MAC OSX, Linux
Supported File Systems StorNext® 4.7.x, StorNext® 5.x, HyperFS
Connectivity Fibre Channel: 1 x 16GB/s (optional 32GB/s HBA); Ethernet: 2 x 10GBit (optional 40GB/s NIC)
Scalability Scalable to 10 file systems
Number of Streams Multiple concurrent streams of film resolution material, based upon selected storage
Warranty Yes, 12 months with advanced replacement;
Warranty extension optional
Service Available Full service and support
BrightClip: Innovative Advanced Recording Technology

Intelligent guardian for high-performance - on every MDC.

Increase Performance. Decrease Fragmentation.

Our BrightDrive SAN Servers Procyon, Triton, Astella Fx and Astella Dx come with BrightClip®, our innovative advanced recording technology.

BrightClip is the intelligent solution that takes control of your file system and guarantees optimal file layout on the storage subsystem - in realtime and always up-to-date.

But BrightClip is much more than ordinary file allocation. BrightClip:

  • understands file sequences.
  • is file format agnostic and even recognizes AUTODESK file names.
  • dynamically and intelligently adjusts allocation sizes.
  • eliminates performance loss due to file fragmentation, randomization and interleaving.
BrightClip is the unique solution that is 100% effective - always.

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